Everything Pasta

I guess we could call this, Herby Roasted Carrots, Anchovy, Lemon and Goat Cheese Pasta, but that’s too many adjectives in my book. We could also call it Toasty-Roasty Bowl of Joy, but that sounds a little silly (even if that’s how I feel about it).


This is a finishing-up-everything-in-the-fridge deal, it’s a last-day-at-the-bach-and-you’re-in-denial-about-leaving-because-the-beach-in-winter-is-totally-valid meal. It’s a lot of things really.

This is another not-really-a-recipe type of post, because you can make it with whatever you have lying around, whatever is about to start looking really sad or is on its way to smelling a bit funny…

I started by roasting some carrots with tons of rosemary, a few wedges of lemon, some goat’s feta and a little olive oil. Then I cooked up some pasta (gluten free for me, and it was only for me..) While the pasta was cooking, I fried up a clove of garlic with some celery leaves, anchovies, chilli flakes,  and sage leaves. Actually I fried the anchovies and sage separately so that they would keep their natural shapes, meaning the dish came together beautifully! Plate up with some flat-leaf parsley, and season.

You could make this with spinach instead of celery leaves, pumpkin or kumara instead of carrots, another kind of cheese, preserved lemon instead of roasted lemon… Basically, whatever you feel like and have lying around. Actually, I bet this would be good with roasted cauliflower!




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